Why The Craze Over Smoothies?


Lately, we have witnessed a complete smoothie craze. People from around the world seem to have ditched the traditional consummation of fruit and vegetables and swear that smoothies are the way to go. So why the craze over this trend? Is it something that will fade away just like other fads, or is it beneficial? And everything else you need to know about the smoothie craze, you can read in the text that follows.

What Is A Smoothie?

A smoothie is a term which is used to refer to a drink/food which comes from a blender. In other words, you put everything you would want to eat in a blender and then drink it. Of course, it is much tastier if you put fruit and vegetables, and a complete turn off if you put a pizza in a blender for example. However, even though many people frown on sticking solid dinner, food in a blender, what is it different from placing vegetables in it?

Do You Smoothie?

Many people are drawn to smoothies since it is a quick and effortless way to get all the nutrients quickly and easily without having to chew or even shop for groceries since you can find these smoothies everywhere. If you like drinking smoothies, however, perhaps you should opt out of making them yourself. This will give you complete insight in what is in it, and you will be able to control your portions, which is important if you want to get thinner and lose weight while maintaining a healthy diet and getting enough nutrients.

Why Should We Chew?

redWe have teeth for a reason, and we should use them. While it is not wrong to have a smoothie from time to time, it is a lot better to actually munch down an apple or a banana, rather than drinking it. The reason for this lies in the very act of eating, using your muscles to chew and gradually consuming food. It will also make your other organs work as they are supposed to. Think about it, when you drink a smoothie you are already doing your body’s work for it. Your teeth, muscles, and mouth do not have to chew, your stomach barely has to digest anything, you are drinking something which has already been processed, and this is the task your body should perform. Unless you are a baby or an elderly person, drinking a smoothie is not the only way to get your nutrients.

Getting Vitamins When You Don’t Want Any

Some people do not eat fruit and vegetables on a regular basis and drinking a smoothie allows them to get their daily vitamins.