What’s body mass index and how can we preserve our health using it?

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When it comes to estimating someone’s weight, you should take several variables into an account. Body mass index is basically a calculation of body’s fat level that is based on two variables: person’s weight and height measurement. Although BMI is not totally reliable indication of fat in a body, it can serve as a strong point for determining it. It is a simple process of calculation that can show you the possible health risks, using the level of fat from your body. Also, for a precise calculation, you should use two additional other variables like underwater weighing and bio-electrical impedance. These, when added into the equation, provide more precise calculations for getting the exact numbers.

Knowing the BMI can influence positively our health, as we can start working on the health improvement thanks to it. For start, start using BMI calculator in order to create your strategy and to understand how far this fight has to go. 

Body mass index

BMI (body mass index) calculator is measurement system which provides the possibility to calculate your weight and height in order to bring closer to you your level of obesity. The main agenda of this system is to determinate your weight and to see are there any risks for some health issues. This system has a long history of use and becomes one reliable medical categorization of average person body composition. In this fight for a better life, it is a good way to get know your enemy. Which, in this case, is your level of fat in your body.


Work out or diet regimes?

Well, this choice is easy if you really think about it. Many diet regimes can be effective, but many studies showed, that this is on a short base. When you finish your diet program, on many occasions, your desire to eat more get stronger, due to your prior eating habits and fat cells that stayed in your organism start to develop much faster. The main problem is that while you were just on diet regime, your muscles gain did not develop. On another hand, if you start to increase workout level, without the proper choice of nutrition, you will get hungrier and eat more, which will reflect in gaining more weight without significant fat loss. Which implies that only combining both, workout program with proper diet regime, will do. One thing is attached to another.


How to start? This depends on your level of obesity. The main thing is to combine prior conclusions with more liquid. Drinking more water, for instance, helps your metabolism function. A cardio workout, such as jogging or fast walking, is a good way to start if your obesity level is higher. If not, then you should decide to start with a higher workout program in which lifting higher amounts of weight can be helpful with more muscle gain. Taking more food with protein increase creation of new muscle cells and reduce the level of fat. Anyway, there are hundreds of solutions on the internet, which you can use. So start your change today. This is the fight that you don’t want to lose.