Take A Look At These Simple Cannabis Recipes

Marijuana Sandwich
Marijuana Recipes For Beginners

Whether you are experienced cannabis user or you are just starting out, you have probably thought about eating cannabis. You have seen the edibles, cookies and other products but you want to make something on your own?

Then, take a look at the recipes that we have prepared for you! Just mail order marijuana and starting preparing cannabis-infused food by following our simple and delicious recipes!

When making any other food with this plant, you need to know how long you need to cook/bake the nugs so they could produce the right effects and one of the best ways to learn is by making the cannabutter!


One of the most widespread cannabis-infused food is, of course, the butter that contains THC/CBD! To start with this recipe you will need at least half an ounce of high-quality buds! Get an ounce, grind it nicely into small and equal chunks and place it in the frying pan.

Chocolate Cake With Weed
Delicious Chocolate Cake With Marijuana

Then, add about 250g of butter and add one liter of water. Now, heat up but make sure to keep the heat level “in the middle” as you do not want too much heat. Stir easily for the next three hours at least. Do not forget to add more water if it evaporates as you cannot melt the crystals from nugs without it.

The butter is done once you see a layer of oil that floats on top of the mixture. Once done, let it cool down for a couple of hours, place it in the refrigerator and leave it till tomorrow before you eat it!

Cannabis-infused tea

If you like drinking tea, this is a super easy recipe that you have to try out! You only need the cannabutter, which you can make by following the previous recipe. Make a tea like you are always making and add a tablespoon of the butter in the tea and let it sit. Do not add it right after you make the tea as the high water temperature will dissolve everything quickly. Instead, add it some 10 minutes later to get the best taste.

Marijuana Cooking Mistakes
Weed Cake With Chocolate

Additionally, if the taste is bitter, you can pour a bit of milk or honey to add a note of sweetness. Some people add a bit of cannabis leaves when making a tea, which can add more cannabis flavor to your tea. However, this may not be that appealing to rookie users due to the distinct smell of the leaves, so keep that in mind.

Quick chocolate mug cake

This is a highly popular recipe for the super-tasty chocolate cookie with marijuana. Take two tablespoons of cocoa powder, four tablespoons of flour, four tablespoons of sugar and one egg. Mix everything and stir until you get a nice and compact mass.

Now, if you like vanilla, add a bit of vanilla extract to get that note of vanilla! Pour everything in small biscuit-cookie cups and bake some 5-10 minutes on the oven!

This may take even less time, so be aware of your oven’s temperature. Once you see the crispy top layer on the cookie, it means you are done! Let it cool down a bit and enjoy it!