How To Improve Your Oral Hygiene In 5 Simple Steps?

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Our mouth is the window of our body and we can easily see if there are any problems in our body by simple mouth examination. For example, pale gum can mean that we are having a blood disorder or the bleeding gums that can point out the start of diabetes. Still, when it comes to oral hygiene, it is important to keep our mouth clean and to watch out for any signs of change. As we want to talk about better oral hygiene, we had talked to an experienced dentist who gave us a couple of tips for better hygiene. A dentist in Lee’s Summit, Missouri, explains that we can easily improve our oral hygiene by following these 5 simple steps.

Brush your teeth at least two times per day

As soon as we wake up, we should go to a bathroom to brush our teeth and clean the bacteria that are collected throughout the night. This prevents any further bacteria growth and keeps our mouth clean and fresh.

Brush your teeth

After each meal, if you can, you should brush your teeth to remove any remaining particles of food that stay between teeth and cause problems. Have in mind that you must not brush teeth too vigorously since the hard and sharp movements can damage the tooth, as well as the gums. Also, brushing the teeth before going to sleep is very important!

Avoid sugars if possible

This is the hardest thing to do probably, as we all love sweets, candies and carbonated drinks. The layers of sugar, which are forming when the sugar comes in contact with your saliva and forms an acid, can permanently destroy teeth and cause the gums problems.

Therefore, it is a vital step to avoid sugar whenever you can.

Never forget to clean your tongue

Many people do not pay attention to the tongue. Since it is a part of your mouth, you need to clean it whenever you brush the teeth. It collects a lot of bacteria that can grow over time and cause other problems. For that reason, clean it gently with the toothbrush and scrape all the collected layers of food, bacteria and saliva.

Inspect your gums

The regular inspection is a must, just like with any other part of your body. If you see any changes like blood from the gums or the redness, make sure you visit the dentist.

Teeth hygiene
Inspect your gums

This can be a simple irritation but it can be a sign of the disease that you are not aware of. As soon as you notice something unusual, ask for the advice and make sure you explain the symptoms, if there are any, to your dentist.

Use fluoride toothpaste and a mouthwash

Toothpaste that has fluoride is much better as this element makes your teeth stronger by replenishing the enamel on the tooth. Also, it is recommended to change toothpaste every once in a while. As an additional step of protection, you can use mouthwash. This is a boost for your oral hygiene and provides the anti-bacterial wash of your mouth. Make sure you talk to the dentist before buying a one so he could prescribe the appropriate one.