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Why Weight? Part 1 – Drinking Soda


Drinking soda gives you many disadvantages and very little benefits on your overall health. Which is why it is a practice best avoided. But before we discuss this topic into further details, there are some things you should know about soda.

Soda Pops And Soft Drinks Are Full Of Sugar

It is something you might have already been aware of, but keeping it in mind is more than important. Soft drinks, in fact, are brimming with sugar which is not good for your overall health or your figure. All these calories are empty calories, which means, it will not give you any energy or nutritious benefits, and instead it will just further deteriorate your health.

Soft Drinks Are Difficult To Avoid

When you go to a restaurant soft drinks are always offered as a part of the menu, they are also often on discounts and special prices, so it makes them affordable and sometimes difficult to avoid. However, drinking water is a lot more beneficial to your health. Water hydrates you, while soft drinks will affect your appearance and your health in a negative way. If you can choose always choose water over any other drink and it will have a huge impact on your health and appearance.

Other Negative Sides

negativeApart from being full of sugar, soft drinks damage your internal organs as much as alcohol. This is something you should keep in mind! Also, the colors in soft drinks will affect your teeth as will the sugar in the drinks. All in all, there are many disadvantages to drinking soft drinks and apart from immediate pleasure very little to gain.

Change Your Habits

If you want to become healthier, all you need to do is change your habits. Sometimes this is easier said than done, but if you just always go for a healthy option, you will soon manage your health and your figure without ever going on a diet. This can be as simple as: “when offered a coke or water always take water” and you will see the effect soon!

Parent Feeding Practices Prompting Pressuring Kids To Eat – And Why You Should Not To It!


In the text that follows we will discuss a very important topic, and that is should you pressure your kids to eat? Many parent feeding practices advocate this approach, but according to many researchers and parents, this is completely wrong, as anyone with a stubborn child will tell you. That does not mean you should let kids eat what they want and when they want, but stuffing food down their throats will have even worse effects. If you want to learn how you can deal with this situation in a constructive way, make sure you read on!

Pressuring Often Has Opposite Effects

Pressuring has opposite effects simply because if the child does not want to eat, no amount of pressure will have good effects on their physical or mental health. Even if the child swallows the food when forced, it will leave a mark on them psychologically potentially hating food and you both. How do you go about this? Well, one way is to make it their own will to eat. To do this, you can do some of the following.

“Oh, it tastes great!”

One way to do it is to try and eat the porridge yourself. If the child sees you eating it, and enjoy eating it, they might give it a go as well. Also, if you do not enjoy eating the said porridge or vegetables, how on earth do you expect your child to like it?

Prepare Food Together

If the child is older, you might prepare the food together. This will be a fun activity that you will do together as a child and parent and over which you can bond over. Also, when they put some effort into it they will show more enthusiasm towards eating it as well.

What Does The Plate Look Like?

It is also important what the food looks like. You cannot just throw some awful looking porridge on the plate and hope that the child will show enthusiasm towards eating it. Instead, make it presentable, and your child might try eating it.

Parents And Children: Feeding Style


Raising a child is not just a joy of life for many parents, it is also a full-time business that takes most of your time and energy. Sometimes parents feel like children not knowing anything about anything and learning how to raise this new life. A question that is often posed is how do you go about feeding a child? This topic is essential, so read the latest scoop here.

What Do Children Eat?

Babies and toddlers and older children, of course, eat different types of food. This is something you are probably already aware of. When a newborn comes to the world, for the first time, they will eat or more precisely drink just their mother’s milk or formula if the mother is not breastfeeding. As the child grows, from the third month, parents should introduce food and water gradually, of course, all of which for the first time should be blended into a smooth porridge, and as the child turns around one and starts growing teeth, you should introduce first softer types of food and then solid food. Also, some food that might cause allergies such as honey and nuts are not recommended to be given to a child until they are toddlers.

When Do You Feed A Child?

boyFeeding children is sometimes a real nightmare. Children will spit the food out, refuse to eat food that they do not like and cause problems for some parents. However, there are also those children that eat everything their parents give them. When you are feeding your child, you must learn how to assess the quantity of food that they child will be able to eat and do not force your child to eat more than they want. Also, offering food to your child often is a good practice, because your child will not eat unless hungry, so do not be afraid that you will feed too much food to your child.


Even with children, some restrictions must exist. You as a parent should make sure that the child does not drink too many juices as they also have sugar and calories. Also, do not give your children too many sweets and control the sweets that they eat, because it will affect their appetite and their mood. Sugar rush can make children quite uncontrollable, but even more importantly, the spikes of sugar in their blood are not healthy for their overall health.

What Will It Take To Get Americas Kids To Eat Right?


Eating right can be difficult for both children and adults, but what does that mean for our entire nation? There have been plenty of research showing that in America the situation is almost critical when it comes to consuming unhealthy food. But how do we make some drastic changes and turn the things around for our children? Read more about it here.

What Does It Mean To Eat Right?

Eating right means eating food which is healthy for your body. This is especially important for children since they have to eat plenty of healthy and nutritious food that will ensure that they grow up to be big and strong. Eating right can be difficult, especially in America where we are surrounded culturally with food which is not exactly the healthiest option. There is plenty of deep fried food almost on every corner, and it is difficult not just for children but also for adults to watch their eating habits and change them.

Why Is It More Difficult For Children?

Even more so it is difficult if you are a child. A portion of their time is spent in schools where parents have no control over what they eat, and it is often unhealthy snacks that they reach for as well as fizzy drinks. While some schools work hard on eradicating these types of food, it is still difficult to take full control of it and introduce for example broccoli in schools.

How Can You Be A Positive Influence?

positiveYour children most of all mirror you and your behavior. Have that in mind at all points in your life. If you are inclined to eat junk food, it will be much easier for them to eat it as well. If you eat whenever you are down or unhappy, children might start using food as an emotional, uplifting mechanism as well. It is really important to work on your relationship to food because it is bound to rub off on your children as well.

Is America Different Than The Rest Of The World?

America is slightly different than for example African countries or Asian countries, but also there is a difference in European countries as well. In America, it has been a part of our culture to eat deep fried and fast food for many decades, but we still have a chance to change our habits.

5 Best Ideas For A Sunday Night Dinner


Sundays are special and different in each home. If you are not sure what you should cook this Sunday evening, here are some ideas that might help you compose a menu that will satisfy even the most difficult of palates.


Sunday roast is something that makes Sundays special. This is the time when you have enough free time to play around the kitchen and try out recipes that take an extra-long time to prepare and enjoy every minute of it.


If you want to have a dinner that is easy to prepare and still absolutely delicious, this is just one suggestion that might make your Sunday a lot more special. Combine it with some quality Italian wine, and you are bound to have a great time at home, almost as if you were on vacation to Italy.

Fish And Chips

For those who are conscious about their health, it might be a good idea to eat more fish and less red meats. This is why your Sunday dinner could also be a delicious plate of fish and perhaps some chips. Combine this with excellent wine, and your Sunday dinner will be a true treat for everyone.


pizzaOn Sundays, we like to relax and take our time to unwind from all the responsibilities. So why bother to cook and prepare a lavish dinner if you could have equally amazing pizza! Preparing pizza is super easy and if you live in a big family involving children could also give you some quality time to spend together as a family preparing food that you all will eat together.

Take Out

For the super-lazy ones, ordering some takeout can be just as amazing and even more so because it means you will not have to go shopping for groceries or prepare food or clean up. Easy, you just have to eat and relax and enjoy your weekend. Perhaps even watch a movie or TV and completely unwind, these moments can be amazing as well.

Feeding Is Love!


We all know that our emotions and food are sometimes very closely related. After all, it is not completely unfounded to say that the path to a heart leads through one’s stomach! Read more about why to feed someone means to say them ‘I love you.’

Eating And Emotions

How many times have you been hungry for all the wrong reasons? Maybe it was a difficult day at work, or you just need something to feel better, like some ice cream? Eating to make yourself feel better is a mechanism which is related to all the hormones of happiness and satisfaction that are naturally secreted when we eat. Otherwise, we would not feel as compelled to reach for the fridge when we feel not so happy. This is also why people who are depressed often experience weight gain as the side effect of their feelings and their emotional state.

Why Do We Want To Feed The Loved Ones?

feeding babyIf you have visited your grandmother lately, you are bound to notice that she takes no “no” for an answer when it comes to you eating her delicious food. But why is it that we want to feed the ones we love? Surely, no one would starve if you did not shovel food in their mouths, but something else is the main point here. People who love you want you to feel the satisfaction that the food can give. These same people are often the ones who themselves reach for food as the source of comfort and a mood-lifting mechanism. So if someone wants to take you out for dinner, buys you an ice-cream or just asks you whether you were hungry or not, make sure you know that it is their way of showing affection and care.

Comfort Food

Comfort food is the food which makes us feel all warm and fuzzy on the inside. Most of the time, this kind of food is rich in carbs and fats, but also sugar. If you want to keep your health, make sure you do not go overboard with comfort food as it will affect your health and your weight gain.