The 3 Healthiest And Tastiest Microwave Popcorns In The Grocery Aisle


Watching movies at home is never as tasty as going to the movie theater, simply because there is no movie popcorn! However, there is an alternative! To have a great time at home, you can get microwave popcorn at the closest grocery aisle and still get the same kind of thrill at home! This is why we have decided to try out some of the most popular microwave popcorns and find the healthiest and tastiest microwave popcorns in the grocery aisle that you should get the next time you go shopping.

Orville Redenbacher’s

This is perhaps the best option since it is extremely tasty, very easy to prepare, really healthy for you and can be found in any supermarket. Orville Redenbacher’s popcorn is popular for every reason. For this experiment, we have tied a blindfold over the eyes of our tasters, and they have confirmed that this type of microwave popcorn had the best taste. Also, it is healthy as it does not contain too many saturated fats and salt.

Act II

popcornAnother great option that was voted the second by taste is Act II popcorn. This type of microwave popcorn can easily be found in any larger supermarket, but even more importantly it is a type of popcorn that will make your film a lot more enjoyable. If you are accustomed to buying this popcorn anyway, you will also be delighted to hear that it is also very healthy, so you can be assured that the consummation of this microwave popcorn is also good for your health.

Pop Secret

The number three choice in the vast number of popcorns that our tasters had to taste was Pop Secret. This type of microwave popcorn is also not just tasty, but extremely healthy for you. All popcorn is very beneficial for your health, but if you want the microwave popcorn that tastes just like the ones in the theatre, you should go for Pop Secret! This microwave popcorn gained it an amazing reputation for a reason!