Parent Feeding Practices – Rewarding Kids For Eating?


Feeding your child can sometimes sure feel like mission impossible. How do you feed a child that does not want to eat? What do you do to make them eat vegetables? And how on earth do you take the sugar away from them? All these questions are not easy to answer, let alone get into practice when raising a child. But these tips might help all the parents who are struggling with their offspring not wanting to taste their cuisine.

Should You Reward Your Kids For Eating?

First of all, food should be reward enough, and our bodies are believe it or not designed that way. Whenever we eat, we are rewarded with feel-good hormones that make it more than clear that we have successfully managed to keep ourselves alive. So, should you reward your child for doing something that is expected and necessary to live, breath and grow? On the other hand, if the child stubbornly refuses any food, is it wrong to let them watch cartoons, get a phone or get something else they would consider a reward for their good behavior? If you tell your child “I am very proud that you ate all that soup” that is also a sort of reward for their behavior isn’t it? Even more so, since children need emotional support from their parents. It is something you should discuss with your partner and as parents come to a mutual decision how and when to reward children in this and other situations. However, if you reward your child too often, they will come to an understanding that it is expected and normal to get something in return to eat, which is something you would want to avoid as well. Sometimes it is easier for parents to bargain with children to avoid some difficult situation, but this may lead to more difficult situations so it is a line that you must walk carefully.

Always Be A Parent To Your Children

At all times, maintain full control. If you are bargaining with children, they might mistake it for a situation where they are in charge. You have to maintain control and pose as a parent in this situation. If you promise something to make sure that you want to do it and always be consistent. Your child must respect you as a parent and see that you are always composed, righteous and above all that you always keep your word. That is how you build authority.