Parent Feeding Practices Prompting Pressuring Kids To Eat – And Why You Should Not To It!


In the text that follows we will discuss a very important topic, and that is should you pressure your kids to eat? Many parent feeding practices advocate this approach, but according to many researchers and parents, this is completely wrong, as anyone with a stubborn child will tell you. That does not mean you should let kids eat what they want and when they want, but stuffing food down their throats will have even worse effects. If you want to learn how you can deal with this situation in a constructive way, make sure you read on!

Pressuring Often Has Opposite Effects

Pressuring has opposite effects simply because if the child does not want to eat, no amount of pressure will have good effects on their physical or mental health. Even if the child swallows the food when forced, it will leave a mark on them psychologically potentially hating food and you both. How do you go about this? Well, one way is to make it their own will to eat. To do this, you can do some of the following.

“Oh, it tastes great!”

One way to do it is to try and eat the porridge yourself. If the child sees you eating it, and enjoy eating it, they might give it a go as well. Also, if you do not enjoy eating the said porridge or vegetables, how on earth do you expect your child to like it?

Prepare Food Together

If the child is older, you might prepare the food together. This will be a fun activity that you will do together as a child and parent and over which you can bond over. Also, when they put some effort into it they will show more enthusiasm towards eating it as well.

What Does The Plate Look Like?

It is also important what the food looks like. You cannot just throw some awful looking porridge on the plate and hope that the child will show enthusiasm towards eating it. Instead, make it presentable, and your child might try eating it.