Feeding Is Love!


We all know that our emotions and food are sometimes very closely related. After all, it is not completely unfounded to say that the path to a heart leads through one’s stomach! Read more about why to feed someone means to say them ‘I love you.’

Eating And Emotions

How many times have you been hungry for all the wrong reasons? Maybe it was a difficult day at work, or you just need something to feel better, like some ice cream? Eating to make yourself feel better is a mechanism which is related to all the hormones of happiness and satisfaction that are naturally secreted when we eat. Otherwise, we would not feel as compelled to reach for the fridge when we feel not so happy. This is also why people who are depressed often experience weight gain as the side effect of their feelings and their emotional state.

Why Do We Want To Feed The Loved Ones?

feeding babyIf you have visited your grandmother lately, you are bound to notice that she takes no “no” for an answer when it comes to you eating her delicious food. But why is it that we want to feed the ones we love? Surely, no one would starve if you did not shovel food in their mouths, but something else is the main point here. People who love you want you to feel the satisfaction that the food can give. These same people are often the ones who themselves reach for food as the source of comfort and a mood-lifting mechanism. So if someone wants to take you out for dinner, buys you an ice-cream or just asks you whether you were hungry or not, make sure you know that it is their way of showing affection and care.

Comfort Food

Comfort food is the food which makes us feel all warm and fuzzy on the inside. Most of the time, this kind of food is rich in carbs and fats, but also sugar. If you want to keep your health, make sure you do not go overboard with comfort food as it will affect your health and your weight gain.