Parents And Children: Feeding Style


Raising a child is not just a joy of life for many parents, it is also a full-time business that takes most of your time and energy. Sometimes parents feel like children not knowing anything about anything and learning how to raise this new life. A question that is often posed is how do you go about feeding a child? This topic is essential, so read the latest scoop here.

What Do Children Eat?

Babies and toddlers and older children, of course, eat different types of food. This is something you are probably already aware of. When a newborn comes to the world, for the first time, they will eat or more precisely drink just their mother’s milk or formula if the mother is not breastfeeding. As the child grows, from the third month, parents should introduce food and water gradually, of course, all of which for the first time should be blended into a smooth porridge, and as the child turns around one and starts growing teeth, you should introduce first softer types of food and then solid food. Also, some food that might cause allergies such as honey and nuts are not recommended to be given to a child until they are toddlers.

When Do You Feed A Child?

boyFeeding children is sometimes a real nightmare. Children will spit the food out, refuse to eat food that they do not like and cause problems for some parents. However, there are also those children that eat everything their parents give them. When you are feeding your child, you must learn how to assess the quantity of food that they child will be able to eat and do not force your child to eat more than they want. Also, offering food to your child often is a good practice, because your child will not eat unless hungry, so do not be afraid that you will feed too much food to your child.


Even with children, some restrictions must exist. You as a parent should make sure that the child does not drink too many juices as they also have sugar and calories. Also, do not give your children too many sweets and control the sweets that they eat, because it will affect their appetite and their mood. Sugar rush can make children quite uncontrollable, but even more importantly, the spikes of sugar in their blood are not healthy for their overall health.