Why Weight? Part 1 – Drinking Soda


Drinking soda gives you many disadvantages and very little benefits on your overall health. Which is why it is a practice best avoided. But before we discuss this topic into further details, there are some things you should know about soda.

Soda Pops And Soft Drinks Are Full Of Sugar

It is something you might have already been aware of, but keeping it in mind is more than important. Soft drinks, in fact, are brimming with sugar which is not good for your overall health or your figure. All these calories are empty calories, which means, it will not give you any energy or nutritious benefits, and instead it will just further deteriorate your health.

Soft Drinks Are Difficult To Avoid

When you go to a restaurant soft drinks are always offered as a part of the menu, they are also often on discounts and special prices, so it makes them affordable and sometimes difficult to avoid. However, drinking water is a lot more beneficial to your health. Water hydrates you, while soft drinks will affect your appearance and your health in a negative way. If you can choose always choose water over any other drink and it will have a huge impact on your health and appearance.

Other Negative Sides

negativeApart from being full of sugar, soft drinks damage your internal organs as much as alcohol. This is something you should keep in mind! Also, the colors in soft drinks will affect your teeth as will the sugar in the drinks. All in all, there are many disadvantages to drinking soft drinks and apart from immediate pleasure very little to gain.

Change Your Habits

If you want to become healthier, all you need to do is change your habits. Sometimes this is easier said than done, but if you just always go for a healthy option, you will soon manage your health and your figure without ever going on a diet. This can be as simple as: “when offered a coke or water always take water” and you will see the effect soon!